The use of combination forecasting approach and its application to regional market analysis


  • Arvydas Jadevicius Royal Agricultural University



Combination, Forecasting, Property, Uncertainty


Econometric modelling of the property market has been exercised for several decades. Despite advancements in the field, there is still an element of uncertainty in property market modelling and forecasting. This uncertainty arises due to prevailing modelling practices. On one hand, researchers select the best performing model and disregard alternatives. On the other hand, researchers face a dilemma in deciding which model to choose when competing specifications produce different results. A possible solution is to use the principle of combination forecasting to reduce uncertainty and improve accuracy. Certainly, combination forecasting has its limitations. One criticism is that combination forecasting has predominantly focused on national property markets analysis. To enhance the application of combination forecasting, it would be useful to use it in research on regional markets analysis.

Author Biography

Arvydas Jadevicius, Royal Agricultural University

Lecturer in Real Estate Investment


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