Functional Labour Market Areas for Chile


  • Francisco Rowe University of Liverpool
  • José Manuel Casado-Díaz University of Alicante
  • Lucas Martínez-Bernabéu University of Alicante



Spatial labour markets, Labour, Evolutionary


Administrative areas are arbitrarily designed and do not necessarily reflect the geographical patterns of socio-economic and labour market activity. Labour market areas (LMAs) are required to analyse spatial labour market activity and provide a framework to guide spatially-explicit employment policy development. This resource describes a data source of a set of recently created labour market areas for Chile.


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Rowe, F., Casado-Díaz, J. M. and Martínez-Bernabéu, L. (2017) “Functional Labour Market Areas for Chile”, REGION, 4(3), pp. R7-R9. doi: 10.18335/region.v4i3.199.